lover. fighter. brother. biter.

Combining poetic wit with unbridled passion, Vermont-based showman Thomas Gunn can simultaneously tickle the ivories and your heartstrings. Weaving together emotional stories both true and fanciful with larger-than-life imagery, Thomas brings "everything he's got" to his performances, blending powerful vocals and “soulful and wistful reflection” (Big Heavy World) into a contemporary and experimental musical experience.

Thomas’ debut album Swimming With Fire is currently in production and is set to release in January 2020 with a single release in December of this year.

my story

My name is Thomas. I grew up in Massachusetts until the age of 12 when my family moved to Vermont and I have lived in The Great White North ever since. These mountains and trees are a part of me. I love to hike to find the most beautiful views, to swim in the cold rivers on a hot summer day, and to marvel at the power of a January blizzard.

I’m the eldest of seven. My family is everything to me and I take great pride in helping to teach and guide my siblings through life. We have all grown up home schooled and have been able to leverage that educational freedom of exploration to develop our artistic skills and goals. All of my siblings are incredibly talented and you can find links to some of their work below.

Music has always been another language to me, both for communication and expression. Through my work I strive to combine my creative talents to share stories that inspire, teach, heal, and reach those who need a reminder that there’s always someone listening.

(More coming soon!)